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I have worked with many web application developers before, but will never work with any of them again after meeting Prime web media.

-By Maria Liz

Website Maintenance

Our professional Website Maintenance service deliverers accordingly. Website Maintenance Services by a third party can significantly reduce costs by removing the need to engage a full time website designing professional or web content developer.

Once website is live, it will gradually need to be updated to keep content spanking new. Sometimes a simple change is require like altering a date, or adding up an event or perhaps you may want to add a new content or functionality to your site relating site-wide alteration.

Unethical updating of website may damages the website, no matter how unintentionally it might be. Links can be broken or lost, files exposed for easy exploit by hackers and spammers, un-managed graphics slowdowns the page download.

Our Web Maintenance and managing service protects your website and investment in your web existence by continuous site-optimization. Moreover we repetitively meet the needs of your website, both short and long term, graphically and content wise.

Most common web maintenance pts are:

  • Alteration and accumulation of Website Contents
  • Image handling and Addition (images from clients)
  • Newsletter and Email list preservation
  • Updates regarding Shopping cart product
  • Articles and Update Announcement etc
  • Replacement of images (i.e. pictures, graphics etc)
  • Adding/Removing pages
  • PDF construction and uploading