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Textile printing and dyeing chemicals

Textile printing and dyeing chemicals

Functional textile chemicals not only can improve the processing efficiency of the overall textile printing and dyeing process, but also give textiles better wearing comfort and special functions. Feymer Technology adheres to the deep attainments in the application and expansion of cationic water-soluble monomers and polymers, will invest more professional energy in the textile industry. It will further explore the improvement of the overall processing technology of textile printing and dyeing and improve the wearability of fabrics. The main application directions of product are: all kinds of formaldehyde free color fixing agents, salt and alkali resistant thickeners, grafting modification In addition, it can also be used for dyeing with low salt, coating dispersant, low temperature anti staining soaping agent, phosphorus free chelating dispersant, brightening agent, Decolorizing Flocculant, etc.

Feymer Technology can provide to customers professional products and application technical services as follows:

Formaldehyde free fixing agent: suitable for cellulose fiber and protein fiber; used for reactive, vulcanized, direct dyes, indigo and other dyed textiles, providing high washing fastness and reducing washing times, but has little effect on the sun fastness and hand feel.

Thickening agent: enhance and improve the viscosity of the working fluid system, so that the working fluid has good stability and water holding performance. It is widely used in disperse pigment printing, imitation activity printing, reactive printing, coating or flocking thickening, defoamer dilution stability, water dispersion stability of emulsion system, etc.

Brightener: used as an additive of silicone finishing agent for silk fabrics, wool and cashmere blended fabrics, which can greatly improve the brightness and smoothness of wool and its blended fabrics, and improve the wearability.

Anti wrinkle agent: reduce the dynamic and static friction between fabric and fabric, fabric and metal equipment surface, not to form scratch mark or stripe mark, improve the dispersion stability of the system and carrier diffusion ability, and improve the levelness of dyeing.

Decolorizing Flocculant: high charge density, good decolorization performance, economical and practical, good flocculation and sedimentation effect.

Grafting modification / low salt dyeing: high grafting rate, no odor, deep color, no strength loss, no elasticity loss (little damage to spandex).

Textile printing and dyeing chemicals

Main products: Feylorfix is the registered trademark of Feymer fixing agent. The content can be customized. 



Application characteristics

飛絡絲Feylorfix 1

Light yellow to light yellow green transparent liquid

Reactive, direct, sulfurized, indigo and other dyes are used to dye cotton, and the fixation of full color system (red, black, brilliant blue, etc.) has high washing fastness, high concentration and high cost performance;

飛絡絲Feylorfix 2

Colorless to light yellow liquid

Hydrophilic fixing agent, focusing on improving the layer difference, hydrophilic, low cationic degree of special fixation applications;

飛絡絲Feylorfix 3

Colorless to light yellow transparent mucus

Special fixing agent for digital spraying, strong water fixation and ink fixation performance, high dispersion, high brightness and good chemical stability;

飛絡絲Feylorfix 4

Light yellow to orange liquid

Chlorine resistant enhancer (very strong chlorine resistance), strong cationic and high charge density can improve the chlorine resistance effect when mixed with other fixing agents;

飛絡絲Feylorfix 5

Light yellow to brown yellow mucus

Special fixing agent for the color of turquoise blue, such as eliminating red light, fixing green orchid, deepening and beautifying, etc

飛絡絲Feylorfix 6

Light yellow to yellow transparent liquid

Cross linked fixing agent, color modification of long car paint, fixation of various dyes for protein fiber

飛絡絲Feylorfix 7

Colorless to yellow liquid

Formaldehyde free graft modifier, high yield reactive garment dyeing adhesive, no loss of elasticity;It can also be used for pre cationic dyeing pretreatment of cotton bulk fiber, without peculiar smell and uniform color gain;

飛絡絲Feylorfix 8

Colorless to yellow liquid

Special fixing agent for paper, which is used for fixing the color of culture paper, paper box and custom paper with acid dyes and direct dyes;

飛絡絲Feylorfix 9

Light yellow to brown yellow mucus

Special fixing agent for polyester, fiber or blended yarn.It can also be used for fixing wool, silk and other protein fibers;

Wool brightener 100A

Light yellow viscous liquid

Wool brightener is used with silicone oil to improve the luster and smoothness of silicone oil

Bath treasure raw material 2600

White powder

Bath treasure、Raw material of softener in bath

Anionic / cationic / nonionic PAM

White powder

Thickening of products with different ionic properties, improvement of dispersion of working system, flocculation and precipitation treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater

High efficient Decolorizing FlocculantFM-050

Colorless to yellow liquid

It is a special Decolorizing Flocculant for printing and dyeing colored reuse water, saving PAC, reducing COD, promoting sedimentation and reducing sludge sticking to board and frame。

Products and services

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