End users

We always firmly believe that customers and their needs are the basis of enterprise survival, is the medium of enterprise development and prosperity. We rely on the professional sales team, accurate grasp of customer needs, and provide competitive solutions, to bring customers more than expected quality services; We respond quickly and constantly adjust our business strategy and management mode, so as to gain stronger adaptability and coordination ability and make our customers more competitive.

With years of accumulated experience in water-based industrial application technology and field service, professional technical team and professional service facilities, Feymer Technology can select the most suitable products and solutions according to the actual situation of end customers.

The main products:

● Functional monomer

■ Acrylamide monomer

■ Allyl monomers

■ Special cationic monomer

● Water-soluble polymer

■ Water treatment chemicals

■ Industrial water process chemicals

● Membrane materials

■ PVDF Hollow fiber membrane

■ Polyamide coating membrane

● Membrane element/membrane component

■ Column MBR membrane assembly

■ Column ultrafiltration membrane assembly

■ Immersion ultrafiltration membrane assembly

■ Reel type Nanofiltration membrane assembly

■ Reel type reverse osmosis membrane assembly

● Membrane equipment membrane system

■ MBR Membrane system

■ Membrane separation unit system

■ Membrane separation integration system

● Membrane water treatment technology

■ Advanced treatment technology of biodegradable wastewater by membrane method

■ Membrane technology for wastewater treatment of refractory biochemical industry

■ Reclaimed water recycling technology by double membrane method.

■ Multi - membrane industrial wastewater recycling (zero - discharge) technology

● Water treatment engineering services

■ System design and system integration

■ The EPC project

● Water treatment operation services

■ Water treatment plant operation services

■ Membrane system operation and maintenance service


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