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I have worked with many web application developers before, but will never work with any of them again after meeting Prime web media.

-By Maria Liz


A good web Application requires vigilant analysis, deliberate planning and proficient support, combined with your company's requirements. Our methodology is a combination of marketing goals with inventive solutions for successful completion and release of your final product. Our development stages are

1 - Initiation

The initiation phase is the preliminary stage of your project. During this phase we study you and your business, including

  • Your targeted audience and viewers
  • Your company's marketing intentions
  • Purpose of your website
  • Your company's desired message to convey
  • Your business field and standards of industry

Once we figures out your business and your company intent, we will make a best proposal to achieve your targets.


The second phase of your project is the understanding of concepts. This is the place from where the formation and design procedure commences! Our Professional Developers shapes your stimulation into an original creation for evaluation. During this phase we will create the look and feel of your site. Once this stage is complete we can begin physically building and designing your site.


Implementation is the third phase of your project. A finalized outline will be forward to our engineers so that they can start implementing your site. Once the design and construction process finishes we will assure that the site is simple to navigate and can put across your companies marketing memorandum. Moreover we will indemnify that the site is functioning properly by meeting all of our standards.

4- Deployment

Deployment is the fourth stage of this process. On this stage we will put your site in order to launch. But before it will go live we ensure

  • Detailed testing to ensure a flawless absolute site
  • Double checking with your company to ensure required standards are met
  • Finalizing a launch date
  • So the site is ready now for the world to serve. We will put forward your site to a suitable search engines for maximum introduction.

5-Continuous Support

As a future prospect, we can also provide an unending maintenance and support plan to ensure your site stays brand new and profitable for your client base. Our qualified support team is always available for you.