Suzhou Juwei Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Juwei environmental protection Technology Co.,ltd is a high-tech enterprise which takes membrane separation as the core of reuse of reclaimed water and zero emission engineering and service. Juwei Environmental Learns from the parent company-Feymer Technology’s long-term experience in manufacturing industry, suggests that implement clean production control in all process segments for customers, Using the most advanced water treatment unit technology, providing solutions of reuse of reclaimed water and zero emission for the customers of Pulp and paper making, textile printing and dyeing, electroplating, chemical, electric etc. 

Core technology introduction:

  1. Pre-treatment technology: For high hardness and high COD in wastewater, the company provides the most suitable solution to pre-treat, Improves the efficiency of subsequent water treatment.
  2. Membrane technology: Combines with Feymer Membrane Technology’s ability of Independent research and development and Membrane manufacturing and Juwei’s long-term experience, according to different water quality conditions and reuse of reclaimed water and even zero emission requirements, the company designs different combinations of UF, MBR, RO, NF Membrane technologies, to maximize the efficiency and stability of the membrane system, to reduce operation and maintenance costs for customers.
  3. Desalting technology:including RO technology, ED technology, ES technology, Juwei Environmental will provide the most economical desalting technology according to the conditions of pre-treatment and customers’ actual needs.
  4. Evaporation technology: For enterprises which need zero emission,Juwei Environmental will choose the appropriate evaporation technology according to enterprise’s energy structure, reduce the operating cost.

Salt reclamation technology

Juwei Environmental develops the salt separation technology which can separate Sodium chloride and Sodium sulfate, and the Sodium chloride and Sodium sulfate could be reused,  this technology increases the practical significance of zero emission greatly.

The salt can be divided into corresponding acid and alkali by bipolar membrane electrodialysis (BPED) and then used in production. Reduced production costs and reduced waste salt emissions.

Juwei Environmental’s integrated superiority

1. For different industries, we recycle useful raw materials to reduce costs and reduce sewage treatment load

2. High efficiency of reuse of reclaimed water, reduce sewage discharge

3. Provide personalized and economical solutions according to enterprise’s actual conditions

4. Combine reliable unit combination equipment and the whole process

5. The system adopts three-dimensional design, which can lay out the site for customers in a short time, provide the most reasonable scheme, and reduce the one-time investment;

6. The equipment adopts modular design to improve manufacturing efficiency and save manufacturing cost.

Contact us

Address: Feymer administrative building No.1 Fengnan Road, Fenghuang Town, Zhangjiagang,Jiangsu Province.

Nanjing office: Room 403, 4 / F, Podium Building, Jiangnan Building, 258 Zhongzhong Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing

Tel: Mr. Wang(13382766068); Mr.Ye(17751012004)

Key service industry

pulping and papermaking industry

Textile and Dyeing Industry

Electroplating industry

Chemical industry

Power industry

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