Project & equipment supplier

Feymer Technology has long been committed to the research, development, innovation and application practice of water treatment chemicals, and can help customers to provide customized and competitive water treatment chemicals and professional solutions according to different water quality, application conditions, process equipment and treatment effects, etc.

The company owns independent intellectual property rights of Feymer Membrane ® brand water treatment special membrane products in pure water preparation, tap water purification, reclaimed water reuse, seawater desalination, brackish water treatment, sewage treatment and other water treatment projects have broad application prospects, has been in many domestic engineering cases for many years of application test.

We have many years of industry application experience, professional technical team, can provide engineering and equipment manufacturers with comprehensive training and application guidance.

The main products that Feymer technology can provide for water treatment engineering/equipment vendors are:

●Membrane materials

■PVDF hollow fiber membrane

■Polyamide coating membrane.

●Membrane element/membrane component

■Column MBR membrane assembly

■Column ultrafiltration membrane assembly

■Immersion ultrafiltration membrane assembly

■Reel type nanofiltration membrane assembly

■Reel type reverse osmosis membrane assembly

●Membrane equipment membrane system

■MBR membrane system

■Membrane separation unit system

■Membrane separation integration system


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